"To become the worldwide epitome of innovation and excellence in Esports, revolutionizing how communities interact with digital sports entertainment. By extending Esports beyond mere competition to encompass strategic consulting and business expansion, AK Esports envisions a future where Esports becomes an indispensable component of cultural and commercial landscapes globally. Our goal is to nurture an inclusive, dynamic community that not only celebrates competitive achievements but also flourishes through collaborative progress and technological advancement. As we navigate the path ahead, AK Esports will persist in advocating for the fusion of gaming, technology, and commerce, establishing new benchmarks for the societal and industrial impact of Esports."

What we do


All the support you need to make your Esports/gaming projects unique, from the draft to the final event


Rent with ease. We offer flexible and reliable solutions to meet all your needs. Your choice for stress-free rentals of simulators, hardware, and more.


Your ideas, our expertise. We offer our consultancy to create and enhance your projects.

Pop Up Activations

We create unforgettable experiences. Unique events and pop-ups with innovative styles. Join us to live extraordinary moments.

Team Building

Strengthen your team with engaging team-building events using video games. Enhance collaboration and corporate productivity through memorable experiences.


2.0 learning methodologies through gaming and new technologies. Customized and innovative courses to develop and enhance new skills.

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AK Esports is a prominent company specializing in the organization and management of premier Esports competitions worldwide. Founded in 2004 as an IT firm, it swiftly emerged as a major player in the PC hardware sector, renowned for its excellence. Over the years, AK Esports has not only attained significant success but also garnered international acclaim through strategic partnerships with industry giants such as SRO Motorsports Group, Dallara, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, and other distinguished automotive brands.

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional events and fostering impactful relationships, AK Esports is deeply devoted to advancing the Esports industry. Expanding its reach, AK Esports has recently established operational units in the United Kingdom and the United States, further solidifying its commitment to promoting and developing Esports on a global scale.

Where we are

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AK Esports - Were We are


Dallara - AK Esports

1201 Main Street

Speedway, Indianapolis



AK Esports UK Limited

63-66 Hatton Gardens




Ak Informatica Tech S.r.l.

Via Cremasca 1 Azzano San Paolo (BG)




"At AK Esports, our mission is to spearhead the evolution of the Esports industry. We achieve this by not only hosting premier global competitions but also providing expert consultancy and strategic business development services. Our commitment is to surpass the expectations of our community, including players, fans, and partners, by diligently pursuing our partners' and customers' business objectives through comprehensive Esports initiatives. Our international expansion underscores our unwavering dedication to promoting competitive gaming and fostering its global expansion. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we strive to deliver impactful experiences and generate sustainable value for all stakeholders. At the heart of our approach is the determination to align our diverse Esports activities with the business goals of our partners and customers, thereby cultivating a thriving ecosystem that nurtures talent, celebrates achievements, and shapes the future of sports entertainment."

AK Esports - Alessio Cicolari

Alessio Cicolari

Chief Executive Officer

AK Esports - Joele Presciuttini

Joele Presciuttini

Head of Management

AK Esports - Guido Casati

Guido Casati

Head of Design

AK Esports - Stefano Presenti

Stefano Presenti

Head of Development

AK Esports - Mirko Conti

Mirko Conti

Senior Project Manager

AK Esports - Fabio Frigo

Fabio Frigo

Junior Project Manager

AK Esports - Gaia Albanese

Gaia Albanese

Social Media Manager

AK Esports - Mike Yau

Mike Yau

Head of UK Operations

AK Esports - Riccardo Vinchi

Steve Proudley

Operations Director at AK Esports UK