GT Sims

Immerse yourself in GT racing with our dynamic and static simulators. Opt for entry-level or high-end steering wheels in the static version, or add realistic movements in the dynamic one. Customize your simulator with personalized shells and wrapping, creating a design that suits your taste. Our GT driving simulators deliver a fully adaptable and thrilling racing experience for all levels of enthusiasts.

Formula sims

Experience Formula racing at its finest with our dynamic and static simulators. Choose between entry-level or high-end steering wheels in the static version, or enjoy lifelike movements in the dynamic one. Customize your simulator with unique shells and wrapping for a personalized touch. Our Formula driving simulators offer an immersive and adaptable racing experience, tailored to enthusiasts.

24H Esports Marathon

After the break due to Covid, 2023 welcomed back the Esports 24h Marathon, sponsored by Intel. The Milan Esport Palace / PLB World saw 24 players divided into 6 teams battling it out on 4 different video games (FC24, LOL, Rocket League and Assetto Corsa Competizione) for fantastic prizes.


During 2022 & 2023 AK, in collaboration with Orio Center created and managed an experiential pop-up gaming zone within the mall.

Static and dynamic simulators, Pc stations, consoles and VR alternated in the area during the year.

AK League

AK organised different show match events at Torino Comics, where LoL and FIFA Pro players/ teams such as Outplayed, Exceed and Samsung Morning Stars competed to give the audience a wonderful show.

All Stars Racing Night

AK developed an All Stars Roster for a unique Esports competition live on many Twitch Channels and Sky F1 Italy, with commentary from a contemporary Formula One and MotoGP commentator. Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc took part, recording +1.5ml unique viewers on Twitch.

Atalanta Esports

The project, born in 2020, was managed in cooperation between Atalanta B.C., Esport Palace, as Esports provider, and Ak Informatica. Esport Palace and Ak Informatica took care of the all-round management of the Atalanta Esports brand, covering every peculiarity.

Commonwealth Esports Championship

The 5 August was also held the Commonwealth Esports Forum. Leading minds from the worlds of Esports, sports, business, technology, and academia came together and shared strategies that will define Esports in a future with new and exciting opportunities. AK Esports participated in the event alongside Init Esports and McLaren, by setting up a simracing area inside the International Convention Centre where the event’s audience was able to try out the driving simulator Assetto Corsa Competizione developed by Kunos Simulazioni driving the McLaren 720S GT3.


From 2020, AK collaborates with Dallara to create a bespoke mono-brand esports competition. For several years run online with on-site qualifiers at various locations in Spazio Lenovo Milano or in Pop up in Duomo, and finals at the Dallara Academy and during The MIMO in Monza in a fully dedicated location.


During the 2023 edition, AK held responsibility for the all-round management of the official Esports arena at Eicma.

Over several days of the event, free-to-play moments alternated with consoles and simulators, the MX Bike world finals, and the show race on the Assetto Corsa video game, which hosted VIP and Influencers such as Daniel Pedrosa, Tony Cairoli, Manuel Zappadu aka Hell Raton, and Maria Herrera to name just a few.