9 Agosto 2022


SRO Esports - 2021

Following last year’s great success, the Summer & Winter School “SporTour” continues in its
second edition thanks to the support of FASSI Group and the coordination of the University of
Bergamo and Confindustria Bergamo; the initiative is realised by SdM – Scuola di Alta Formazione
of the University of Bergamo together with Servizi Confindustria Bergamo and in collaboration with AK

This second edition will focus on the world of Esports: multiplayer video game competitions
organised, involving professional players.

The programme includes a range of activities, including lectures and seminars, delivered by leading national and international industry figures, as well as company visits and field trips. The ultimate goal of the Esport School is to improve management and marketing skills in the field of Esports, exploring its activities, skills, culture and regulations.

Participants will also be actively involved through group project work, laboratory activities (such as organizing an esport tournament at the Esport Palace in Bergamo) and will also have the opportunity to activate internships.


The programme director is Professor Daniela Andreini, ordinary professor at the Department of Business Sciences at the University of Bergamo and Director of the Master in Digital Business Development; with the scientific committee Prof. Federica Burini, Prof. Federica Burini,
Associate Professor of Geography at the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures and
President of the Master course in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems at the University of
of Bergamo.


The school will start on Friday 2 September at the Economic and Legal Campus of the University of
Bergamo in Via dei Caniana, and will end on Thursday 7 September.
A follow up is planned from 11 to 13 January 2023, where the participants of the Summer & Winter School will have the opportunity to work on the concretisation of the projects realised in September.


Esports is a fast-growing market that is estimated to reach a value of 2.89 billion in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 23%.
The sector is also represented by live sports competitions, watched by thousands of live spectators and millions of streaming fans.
It is still a niche topic of interest, but its popularity is spreading rapidly; it is estimated that by 2024 the Esports audience following events on online platforms will reach 577 million people.
The strong potential of this sector also impacts economically on the multiple concomitant activities activities that gravitate around it, also having a positive impact on the territory, and being a promoter of a sustainable and sustainable and innovative tourism thanks to video and augmented reality.