15 Gennaio 2020


SRO Esports - 2021

Atalanta Esports and AK Esports presented the new Esports Project and the renewed players selection for the Academy. The ‘eSerie A TIM’ championship will officially resume on November 17, with Atalanta ready with its own roster of FIFA 21 and PES 2021 players after the suspension due to Covid-19 last season.

After the forced break generated by the pandemic, Lega Calcio announced the restart of the ‘eSerie A TIM’, the virtual soccer championship. Atalanta B.C. will field his own team, “Atalanta Esports Team” fielding in addition to Antonio ‘ProRope72’ Mincione (FIFA) and Jacopo ‘JC_STUNNER_90’ Crocchia (PES), also the new entry, the pro player and influencer Nicolò “Insa” Mirra (FIFA). The “Atalanta Esports” team will be managed by the technical and Esports staff of AK Esports (division of AK specialized in competitive electronic games) with the collaboration of HG Esports and WLT Gaming.

In addition to the official eSerie A Tim tournament, players have also been prominent in other competitions such as the FIFAe Club World Cup – with the aim of helping athletes grow and gain International experience, transforming the Esport Palace based Bergamo into a real Academy, ready to train and promote athletes.

The home of the Atalanta Esports teams will be the Esport Palace in Bergamo, the cradle of electronic sport and e-stadium of the “Goddess”. From there the matches of the various championships that will take place this season will be played as well as the venue for the production of daily live streaming, thanks to a rich schedule of content created by the AK Creative Team

Not only football, after the exponential diffusion of Esports also in Italy, Atalanta Esports will look beyond embracing other disciplines that extend to an audience, from the youngest to the most veterans of electronic competitions.