7 Settembre 2020


SRO Esports - 2021

Thanks to The Gaming Boss ASD, the organizer of the 24H Esport Palace Marathon 2020, the passion for Esports knows no bounds even during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The tournament, created in collaboration with Esport Palace, AK Esports, Tom’s Hardware and GEC to promote competitive gaming with a new challenging format, will be hosted at the Esport Palace in Bergamo, starting from 20:00 on Friday 25 September until 20:00 on Saturday 26 September. 24 Hours of pure Esports.

As official partners of the event there some of the most important brands that have always been part of the gaming world: from RedBull to Nvidia, from Intel to the tasty Vetitia and up to Logitech G, which will make the new G923 wheel available to the players racing on Assetto Corsa while, the other competitors, will benefit of the supreme audio quality of the Logitech G PRO X Wireless headsets.


The format of the 24 Hours Esports Marathon represents a pure challenge for the 4 teams of players involved in the competition. In fact there will be 4 different and popular videogames on which players will compete: Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty Warzone and Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni. Each player will try his best to achieve the best results during all the different phases of the competition, helping the team to reach the top of the standings. Only one team can be crowned as 2020 Esports Marathon champion.


Due to the exceptional nature of the event, which will be visible in live streaming for the entire duration of the tournament on the social and streaming platforms of the Esport Palace, there will be a special presenter linked to the world of esports: Daniele Bossari, host of the television program “House of Esport “. In addition to Bossari the co-host of the event will be Himorta, famous italian cosplayer, plus a lot of special guests like Tik Tokers Ale&Piè, sim racing youtuber Amos Laurito and Porsche Supercup caster Ivan Nesta who, during the event, will provide a great entertainment to the viewers and the players involved.


Such a great event couldn’t miss a great prize pool for the huge effort that the players need to face during the 24H Esport Palace Marathon 2020. In fact the organiser had put a huge reward for all the teams involved in the competition: 3000 euro for the winner, 1500 euro for the second best team, 500 for the third and special Logitech hardware for the last one.


The 24 Hours Esports Marathon takes place at the Esport Palace in Bergamo, an entire 1000mq building dedicated to Gaming and competitive electronic games. Equipped with top end PC hardware, consoles, Virtual Reality headsets and sim racing cockpits it’s the ideal place to welcome the most demanding players. At the ground floor an Esports Bar offers all the refreshments needed after an hardcore gaming session and, after 18:00, it turns into a restaurant where players can have their dinner and enjoy the taste of our dishes. When the night comes the restaurant closes and customers can experience the delicious cocktails crafter by our expert bar tenders.